Suehirotake (schizophyllum commune), commonly known as the “Split-Fold Mushroom”, is best known for its polysaccharide structure, schizophyllan (SPG), a polysaccharides commonly used to derive pharmaceuticals.  SPG functions by activating macrophages, stimulating T cells and natural killer (NK) cells of the immune system (1) .  Furthermore, recent research also discovered an enzyme, ScFz, which may supplement circulatory health(2) in animal models.

Active Constituents:

Suehirotake consists of schizophyllan (SPG) which is a polysaccharide-protein complex which may help to support liver (3) and immune health (4).  The intracellular enzymes, ScFz, may assist in the fibrin degradation process which may help support a health blood pressure and cardiovascular wellness.(5)

Pharmacological and Clinical Research: Original Research on Suehirotake mushroom

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