New Product Showcase: ImmuOligo Liq

immuoligo liq logo
Introducing ImmuOligo Liq, the revolutionary liquid beta glucan formula to optimize your animal’s natural defense.

Field research shows that animals fed with ImmuOligo Liq deliver improved health, enhanced gains, reduced medical costs, and increased profits for producers.

ImmuOligo Liq is a liquid based beta glucan and glucopolysaccharide extracted from Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi mushroom). The unique polysaccharide configuration isolated from the mushroom and purified by the proprietary technology effectively enhances performances for cattle, poultry, swines, equines and domestic pets. Benefits include

  • Enhances the activity of primary natural defenses
  • Reduces oxidative stress and the cytotoxic effects from damaged feeds
  • Blends well with any existing formula
  • Easy to incorporate

For product specifications, visit the ImmuOligo Liq product page or contact a sales representative