Headquartered in Irvine, California, Super Beta Glucan (SBG) is an original, global leader in bringing the benefits of mushroom beta glucan to people and animals throughout the world. While medicinal mushrooms have historically been used for traditional medicine, they are now documented to support the immune system and overall health. With the most stringent quality control and state-of-the-art equipment, SBG utilizes its proprietary biotechnology to ensure both purity and potency, providing superior, standardized mushroom beta glucan, tailored to customers’ specific needs.

The History

Approximately 42 years ago, Dr. Shiu-Nan Chen, Ph.D began his research and development on mushroom beta glucan. Dr. Chen received his Ph.D from the University of Liverpool, England in Microbiology & Tropical Medicine and began his career as an associate professor in the Oregon State University, Corvallis spearheading a research project in excelling beneficial bacteria and beta glucan in veterinary medicine. The mushroom beta glucan project was one of the initial efforts by Dr. Chen to resolve the aquaculture’s vulnerability to microbe infections. Dr. Chen was at the forefront of utilizing the mushroom-derived biopolymers to improve productions in aquaculture. Having achieved success with aquatic life forms, Dr. Chen turned his attention towards livestock such as dairy cows, cattle, swines, and poultry. The results were healthier animals and higher productivity.

In late 1992, Dr. Chen and the team made use of the knowledge from research and development from the agricultural sector and began expanding on the application of mushroom beta glucan for food, beverage, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical use. Eventually a breakthrough was made to develop several purified mushroom beta glucan ingredients which can be applied in these sectors.

Moreover, from the benefits experienced by many consumers over the past ten years, Mushroom-derived beta glucan has been selected for conducting clinical studies globally.  The effects of Mushroom Beta Glucan do not cure or treat any medical conditions, however, the benefits derived are to prime and support the immune system which results in improved quality of life.

SBG’s mission is to bring wellness and health to humans, livestock and companion animals through 5 divisions.