With over decades of research and development, SBG’s research division established a world-leading biotechnology to produce the most unique dietary ingredients containing mushroom beta glucan. The team have successfully developed these potent isolates applicable to both humans and animals and marketed them via our distribution partners located in different countries around the world.

We believe that to develop a good ingredient begins with evidence based research; therefore, in order to distinguish between our isolates from other beta glucans commercially available, our research staff started out from investigating on the unique structures and components of mushroom derived beta glucan (MBG).

Our scientists discovered the unique “non-linear” structure of a mushroom beta glucan could enhance its natural ability to properly attach to the beta-glucan receptors on the immune cells; hence expedite the front-line immunity activation process to launch a series of innate defense mechanisms in our body.

Developed by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. S. N. Chen, our one-of-a-kind technologies isolates beta 1,3/1,6 glucan from designated mushrooms followed by a stringent process of quality control to ensure the quality for specific applications

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