Extracts Vs. Pulverized Mushroom Powders

Pulverized mushroom powders are extremely cheap. This process grows mycelium on grains and then freeze dries the material. The investment on the part of the manufacturer is minimal, costing only approximately 25 cents per kilo to produce.

That’s the motivation for making pulverized mushroom powders-to maximize profits for conventional supplement marketers

Extractions, on the other hand, are more labor-intensive and time consuming. But it’s only by extracting the beta glucan polysaccharides that these compounds become readily bio-available to maintain and improve health. While the compounds hidden within pulverized mushroom powders may simply pass through the body intact, extracted compounds are readily available for absorption when ingested.

Extractions also give us the ability to standardize the potency of preparations, which pulverized mushrooms cannot provide. The amount of beta glucan contained in various mushrooms can vary greatly. Only by working with extractions can we ensure that every capsule contains the amount of beta glucans that we want, so that you get the same, carefully controlled amount of beta glucan and other beneficial compounds with each effective dose.