1. Establishment of the Mushroom Repository

To collect, select, and preserve a resourceful medicinal mushroom repository is the core of the technology. This process started out from 1982 when more than 1,500 species of mushrooms are collected originally.

2. Select and Confirm the Mushrooms for Production

Selected mushroom species is analyzed for toxicity, active linkage and efficacy. These essential scientific procedures are very costly and have rarely been done on most commercially available mushroom products.

3. Culture selected mushrooms in a pollution-free environment

After being rigorously tested, selected species are grown using a patented technolgy to prevent mushrooms from exposing to potential contaminants.


4. Patented AME Extraction and Purification for Quality and Potency

A delicate extraction called “AME” is used to eliminate natural occurring impurities and preserves the glucopolysaccharides/beta glucan from the medicinal mushrooms.


5. Final Product: High Quality mushroom derived beta glucan isolates

With the highest standards of quality control, SBG’s unique beta glucan is tailored to accommodate manufacturers’ requirements.