Extraction and Purification are the Key for Quality & Potency!

At SBG, extraction and purification are the essential techniques to preserve vibrant ingredients from medicinal mushrooms, including the beta glucans.  These procedure eliminate the unnecessary byproducts generated by the mushroom’s natural growing process.

Our patented natural process preserves 120 times more beta glucan polymers compared to the traditional extraction method with ethanol (ETOH) or hot water.

1. Harvesting 

Our proprietary manufacturing process manages mushroom production organically with mycelia and fruit body harvested at the precise maturity level needed to ensure maximum content and potency. Nevertheless, mushrooms are only harvested by certified technicians to reduce contamination.

2. Extraction

The extraction takes place by isolating the beta glucans from the fruit-body and the mycelia in different stages. This procedure maximizes the production of beta glucans and preserves the effective polysaccharide linkages. (See FAQ on why we don’t use traditional alcohol/hot water extraction)

3. Purification

After the extraction is completed, a separation technique is performed to eliminate traceable byproducts generated by the mushroom’s natural growing process.  This procedure guarantees the purity of our mushroom beta glucan as well as to decrease the risk of hypersensitivity associated with the naturally occurring impurities from the mushroom extracts.


Raw Extracts from Reishi