The patented biotechnology process of extracting beta glucan from multi-species mushrooms is at the forefront of reintroducing botanicals as dietary ingredients. This extraction allows the effective polysaccharides to be intact and maintain their potency when taken. Beta glucan triggers the body own defense system to be more efficient.

The applications of Beta-glucan to world health are great and the opportunities are expansive in scope. SBG has five divisions to market globally.

I) Functional Food ingredients

If food does not “perform” in the near future, consumers will be less likely to buy it, so say the experts. As part of a functional food and beverage trend, SBG’s flagship adaptogenic beta glucan isolate will fare well as it delivers in the performance category in a monumental way. Not only can the isolate stand cooking temperature heats and storage in refrigerator cold and still hold up its molecular structure, it can enhance the flavors and many other foods/beverages and just plain makes sense for companies to partner with SBG to gain their desired marketing claims.

II) Animal / Aquamarine / Veterinary Supplement & Feed

With court orders the Food and Drug Administration to restrict use of antibiotics in livestock and The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) on the move to ban growth promoting antibiotics, many feed manufacturers and farm owners have started looking for the natural solution to maximize the feed power.

SBG’s Immuoligo, an innovative isolate formulated with patent-protected beta glucan glucopolysaccharide, serves as the solution of the problem by maintaining livestock/companion animal health with significantly reduced antibiotics and growth hormone use.  We vision that, beginning from FDA’s recent move to phase-out non-medical antibiotics use by farms, followed by the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) becoming a routine for all feed millers, maybe we shall see evidence of declining resistance to antibiotics and healthier animals.

III) Nutraceuticals

With baby boomers coming of age en masse, this segment is exploding. With the many applications including anti-aging, sports nutrition and seasonal support, SBG continues to introduce technologies to assist manufacturers to improve their existing formulations as well as providing alternatives to consumers to support their quality of life.  Opportunities include wholesalers, retailers, Internet marketing, MLM companies, nutraceutical industry, pharmacies, health food stores, groceries, print ads, commercials, industrial films and infomercials.

IV) Cosmetics & Skin Care

It’s a breakthrough for the cosmetic industry. SBG’s technologies is at the forefront of incorporating mushroom derived beta glucan in skincare.  By excelling mushroom beta glucan’s natural capability to activate the skin’s natural defense mechanism, users will start to look better, feel healthier, restore and recapture youthfulness.

In the meantime, while working with cosmetologists and clinicians, our cosmetic division continuously combine its proprietary mushroom beta glucan for cosmetics into various skin care formulations to accommodate our clients’ marketing needs.

V) Pharmaceuticals

The mission of SBG is to bring forth wellness and restoration of health to many, one body at a time. This is achieved through daily dietary supplements or hydration or eating prepared foods with functional mushroom beta glucan

Eventually after documented our first stage clinical trial, the purified mushroom beta glucan may be incorporated with other treatments like chemotherapy and radiation to improve the overall wellness of patients in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Japan. The mushroom beta glucan does not cure or treat any conditions. However, what it does, is to energize the body own immune system so that the body itself fights off the diseases.

Our pharmaceutical products are not yet available in North America, but we welcome any open proposals debuting our pharmaceutical grade mushroom beta glucan to the industry.