ImmuOligo – Nature’s Prebiotics for Health and Performance

Much interest has been generated over the past few years aimed at evaluating alternative means to manipulate the gastrointestinal microflora and immune wellness in livestock production. Motivation for examining these alternatives comes from increase public scrutiny about the use of antibiotics in the animal feed industry as well as the need for a safe food supply.  Researchers in our veterinary division have taken a new approach with vital role of modern technology in animal nutrition.

Working¬†with the world’s leading animal health directives, the team of researchers foreseen the danger present in the proliferating use of antibiotics as well as the negative impact that contaminates would have on livestock production. The consensus believed that the answers to these emerging problems, as a result of these practices, would be to take a natural, organic, and prebiotics approach to support animal health while maximizing productivity. The benefits to the consumers of such an approach would be naturally healthy animals.

Our revolutionary glucopolysaccharides, Beta-1,3; 1,6 D-glucan (MBG) are manufactured with a patented extraction process, capable of producing a highly purified, heat/pH resistant isolate used in organic and conventional animal husbandry.