Sparassis mushroom (Sparassis crispa), also known as the “Coral Mushroom” in Eastern Asia and the “Cauliflower Mushroom” in North America, are a medicinal mushroom that has been increasingly cultivated due to its potential value in traditional medicine.  Believed to contain a significant amount of soluble beta D-glucan, the Sparassis mushroom extracts supports a healthy blood sugar level (1), restores normal cellular immunity(2), and promotes quality of life (3).

Active Constituents:

While many clinical investigations are in progress to find out about the agent responsible for Sparassis mushroom’s health benefits, it is documented that soluble Beta D-Glucan and complex polysaccharides based on heteroglycans are the ones help to promote a normal immune response (4)

Pharmacological and Clinical Research: Original Research on Sparassis crispa.


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