Enokitake (Flammulina velutipes), commonly known as the “Golden Needle Mushroom” or “Winter Mushroom”, is an edible mushroom that grows on the stumps of the hackberry, mulberry, and persimmon trees.  Due to its crisp texture, Enokitake are used frequently as an ingredient in East Asian cuisines. Extracts from the Enokitake mushroom contains immuno-modulatory protein that can be potentially excelled for immune therapies (1) and to support cardiovascular health (2).

Active Constituents:

The Enokitake mushroom extracts contain beta-D-glucan and immuno-modulatory protein (lectin) which helps promote natural antioxidant production (3), balance immune response (4), and to promote general liver health (5).

Pharmacological and Clinical Research: Original Research on Enokitake mushroom


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