Prebiotics Supplement – A Global Trend

Increasing demands for nutraceuticals and botanical remedies is both a national and international trend. In fact, according to a market analysis conducted by The Fredonia Group, which suggests that the global herbal supplement and remedies market is expected to reach 23 billion by 2015. Meanwhile, the strongest growth opportunities will be in herbal and non-herbal extracts with increasing scientific evidence of health benefits, widening worldwide acceptance by consumers and health professionals.

Where is the Beta 1,3; 1,6 D-glucan in your mushroom supplements? 

Medicinal mushrooms are often integrated in nutraceutical products targeting immune health because consumers nowadays are well-aware of the benefits of these mushrooms. However, in order for the product to stay distinguished in the market trend, formulators often perform research on how to improve the formulation to maximize optimal immune health. Furthermore, it was learned that pulverized mushroom powder used frequently in immune formulations contains only traced amount of beta 1,3; 1,6 D-glucan; thus, finding a reliable yet compatible source of beta glucan has become one the biggest challenge for nutraceutical manufacturers to overcome in order to offer high quality immune supplement products to the consumers.

Power-up your existing formulation

To solve the manufacturers’ problems, Super Beta Glucan has developed several Standardized mushroom beta glucan formulations for manufacturers of dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, made with the fine-tuned potency and purity to accommodate the marketing requirements.

Immulink MBG® (Mushroom Beta Glucan) is a carbohydrate polymer isolated from the mycelium of Ganoderma lucidum, built from chains of D-glucose units linked by beta-glycosydic linkages. Research has demonstrated that this unique polymer effectively supports a healthy living and to promote wellness by priming and activating the front line immune response without over-stimulating it… more