Immulink SR™ Powder is a beta 1,3; 1,6 D-glucan biopolymer isolated from the Reishi mushrooms (G. lucidum). This high molecular weight glucopolysaccharide compound functions by activating the front line defensive system of the skin called the “Langerhan cells” which plays a major role in the skin’s natural healing process. The biopolymer is a ‘protect and repair’ molecule as it supports the Langerhan cell’s natural self-protecting capabilities and also accelerates skin recovery. Due to its high molecular weight,  Immulink SR powder has also good water-binding capacity which contributes to the moisturizing effects. It has been demonstrated to stimulate collagen production and can therefore reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

INCI Name: Glucopolysaccharide/Beta-glucan, CAS#: 9041-22-9

Properties:  Differs from the glucans extracted from the other sources, Immulink SR powder naturally dissolves in water and glycerin which makes it an ideal component for your new or current formulation.  Immulink SR powder has a long shelf life which does not require any preservative/additive. It is a light tan tasteless powder, highly water soluble and heat/freeze/thaw stable.

Direction for Use:  For external use only. Use levels: 1-10% added to the final formulation. Add to water phase of formulas. Store in the original sealed packaging under a cool & dry condition away from sunlight.

Product Applications: Serums, Creams, Gels, Anti-Aging products, Sunblock products, lotions, Facial Masks, Toners.