Based on the linkage analysis performed at the University of Georgia, Carbohydrate laboratory, SBG’s Beta Glucan provides more “branches,” or binding sites yielding a more effective than the conventional Beta Glucan configuration, higher than the industry standard and most others commercially available. The length of the Beta-D Glucan molecule must consist of a minimum of 27 repetitive sugar units to be effective as a macrophage activator. If the beta glucan molecule is shorter than the 27 units of repetitive sugar units, then it will not be effective as an immune-activator. It is because too short a beta glucan molecule will not have enough binding sites on the molecule to be recognized by the beta glucan receptors on the macrophage. The macrophage will not be activated. We have a minimum of 27 repetitive sugar units. Even more impressive, some of our products now contain the beta 1,3;1,4 and 1,6 Glucose, Galactose and Mannose polymers.