ImmuOligo® consists of isolated and highly purified glucopolysaccharide molecules from the mushroom’s cellular membrane. The glucopolysaccharide molecules are isolated using a three-step patented process that essentially preserves its bioavailability. Instead of using the aggressive ethanol/hydrolyzed extraction process which alters its original, natural structure, our ultrasonic extraction is capable of retaining the glucopolysaccharide in their native diverse structure to achieve full biological activity. This enables ImmuOligo to ensure an effective and beneficial impact upon intake.


All species including Swine, poultry, dairy, beef, domestic pets and aquamarine species.


Light tan, fine, water soluble powder

Storage Conditions:

Store in cool, dry condition away from sunlight.


Use only as directed.  For livestock consumption only.


20 kg Carton

Contact an authorized representative for more information on our research, inclusion rate or direct feeding instructions.