First discovered in the temperate rain forest of Taiwan, Antrodia camphorata is one of the most highly valued medicinal mushrooms utilized in traditional Taiwanese folk medicine practices. Unlike the other mushroom species, the fruiting bodies of the Antrodia mushroom typically grow from the surface of a specific tree called “Niu-Chang Wood”, which makes this particular medicinal mushroom extremely to find and harvest from the natural settings.  Recent studies indicates that the camphorata mycelia and fruit-body contains a significant amount of beta D-glucan, triterpenoids and lectin (1), which result in its application supporting liver (2), urinary (3), breast (4), and general immune health.

Active Constituents

The Antrodia mushroom contains beta-D-glucan, triterpenoids, and lectin which helps promote healthy cholesterol levels (5), normal circulation (6), and maintain a normal immune response (7).

Pharmacological and Clinical Research: Original Research on Antrodia camphorata


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